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“We all know about the North Shore, the thousands of lakes, the Mega Mall, the state of the art athletic facilites, the colleges and universities, The Guthrie and the other great museums and attractions of this big beautiful state. BUT do you know about the Jeffers Petroglyphs, or the genetically managed Bison herd in Southern Minnesota? There is so much quality of life here in Minnesota that goes basically undiscovered every year. We want to help you find the quality experiences hiding right here, all around you, under the radar”

Under The Radar.TV - PARKS

Minneopa State Park 
Mankato MN

Park Information
The word Minneopa comes from the Dakota language and is interpreted to mean "water falling twice," referring to the beautiful waterfalls of the Minneopa Creek. Walk the trail which encircles the falls, leading down a limestone stairway to the valley below. Ascend the opposite side and enjoy a panoramic view of the valley which reveals the underlying geology of this area. Visit Seppmann Mill, a wind driven grist mill fashioned in German style from native stone and lumber, or hike through oak savanna and native prairie grasslands overlooking the scenic Minnesota River Valley.
Minneopa is home to a wide variety of songbird species. Many migrants stop here for a short stay on their way to their summer range. It should come as no surprise then that birdwatching is a popular activity. Be prepared to see the eastern bluebird, the western meadowlark, and the yellow shafted flicker. Tree sparrows, king birds, red-winged blackbirds, red-tailed hawks, and even American bald eagles are common at various times of the year. If your eyes are sharp, you may catch a glimpse of a wild turkey or ring-necked pheasant sneaking through the grass. The white-tailed deer is never far away and campers are often treated to the call of a coyote announcing its presence in the early evening hours.
Both woodland prairie animals can be found in the park. The Minnesota River Floodplain area is home to various snakes, beaver, and waterfowl. The southern wooded part of the park is home to woodpeckers, squirrels, and other woodland animals.

In 1905 the State of Minnesota passed legislation setting aside the area around Minneopa Falls for public use and establishing Minneopa State Park. This made Minneopa the third state park in Minnesota. The scenic splendor of the area was well known and it had become a popular destination for thousands of visitors who came by rail to the townsite of Minneopa, which had sprung up around the adjacent depot in 1870. Still others made their way by steam powered paddle boat up the Minnesota River and then on foot following the banks of Minneopa Creek to the falls. Locals came from miles around by team and wagon to picnic and play baseball.

Under The Radar.TV - MUSIC

Jerome Lawrence Beckley

Jerome Lawrence Beckley

Jerome was a child of the early 1950’s, and he grew up in the 1960’s, a tumultuous time politically and an age of musical enlightenment. Jerome was the youngest of six kids growing up in a household surrounded by music and the musical encouragement of his parents, especially by a father who had a great love for all things musical, and did his best to make sure his children did too. His mother had a beautiful singing voice, something Jerome has as well.

Jerome grew up with many musical influences, and singing in church gave him a chance to develop his own unique voice. The 1960’s with its powerful, far reaching AM radio stations, flooding the airwaves with many musical influencers, put “Rock and Roll” front and center with its electric guitars and basses, trap drums and larger than life, “up front, in your face” driving lyrics and vocals. Young teenagers started and joined “garage bands” all over the US, and Jerome jumped right into the phenomenon. Jerome played guitar and sang his way through bands like the Galaxies, the Downchilds, and a Southern Minnesota band called Highway that though not active, is still being played on the radio and selling CD’s and vinyl copies of its album around the world. Next up was a crack at solo performing and then a stint with Judd, a big, well-known, well loved Minnesota 1970’s rock band. Jerome is a very talented singer, guitarist and song writer.

Jerome has kept his substantial musical skills sharp and has developed advanced skills as a watercolorist and a graphic artist and designer. Jerome currently works as a graphic designer and is an active recording artist with Ultimasongs Records.

Jerome Lawrence Beckley’s current CD, “OFFLEASH”, with five original tracks including “Fools in Love” was released by Ultimasongs Records.

For More Information Call: ULTIMASONGS RECORDS at 612-636-6981
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